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Elbow Program

Dr Tomaino has extensive expertise in the surgical and nonsurgical management of an extensive array of problems that can affect the elbow including:

Elbow Program

Dr Tomaino is an Assistant Editor of the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and the American Journal of Orthopaedics—for which he regularly reviews scholarly articles being considered for publication. As an expert in Hand and Shoulder problems, he is uniquely qualified to address problems that affect the Elbow as well since this “in between joint” functions in concert with the hand and shoulder to allow optimal upper extremity function. Dr Tomaino has contributed to the literature with articles addressing elbow replacement, cubital tunnel syndrome, and elbow dislocation.

The Newsroom section of this website provides an up to date listing of his academic activity, which reflects his commitment to continuing self-education and the education of patients and professional colleagues. Listed below are various articles, which detail information regarding anticipated outcomes for different conditions treated by Dr Tomaino and his team.